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The Mother of All Problems

The Mother of All Problems


Problem solving itself is “The Mother of All Problems.”

Dr. John Medina argues “humans have evolved to solve problems related to their survival in an unpredictable environment while moving outdoors.

Problem solving comes naturally to us. This is who we are.  Yet we have brought everything indoors. People sit. The environment is predictable. There are no survival issues.  And we expect to solve problems. We’ve lost our way.

We go to work and just work in the same way we always have.

But if you continue to do what you’ve always been doing, where will you end up?  About the same as you are today, right? In today’s environment “staying the same” is losing ground.

More importantly, your competitors improve while you decline. Eventually you fall so far behind you go out of business, whether you are a privately held company, a publicly held company, a mom and pop shop or a government agency.

To stay in business you must improve faster than your competitors. To improve faster you must solve problems, thousands of them. The trick is the ability to first identify problems and then apply a repeatable method of solving them.

This is the mother of all problems: knowing how to accurately identify the problems, large and small and solve them.

Problem solving: The Mother of All Problems.

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Hossein Nivi

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