Two-Day Structured Problem Solving


Class Rationale

Pendaran Structured Problem Solving Workshop (SPS) helps your organization solve the biggest dilemma confronting your team members: learning to identify and solve the right problems at the right times over and over and over again.

Teaching your team members to solve the right problems will drive down costs down and increase profits.

Our 2-day session provides an in-depth opportunity to use our structured problem solving tool, a simple tool that provides powerful, repeatable results, to help your organization create a method to solve problems immediately and in the future.

We ask that your staff bring real problems that are related to your organization to the workshop. They will work with our coaches to determine where the problem truly comes from and the best methods for figuring out how to solve them.

It may sounds simple, but it isn’t. We believe problem-solving is the mother of all problems and we are here to help you take your organization’s ability to deal with this challenge to the next level.

Fontana America, Inc., for example, thought they knew which team was causing delivery delays. They sent this team to our SPS workshop. After working closely with our coaches, the Fontana team at the workshop figured out they weren’t causing the problem at all.  As a result they determined another team in a different division was causing the delivery delays.

Are you ready to start solving the right problems and reducing your costs? Contact us. We’re ready to help.

Class Structure

Pendaran Structured Problem Solving Workshop provides an in-depth opportunity to accelerate implementation of the lessons learned from the Virtual Workplace and see results quickly. Using the context of the Virtual Workplace, the advanced two-day session is focused specifically on problem solving and implementation, as initially introduced in VWS.

This is the next level of learning for those who have successfully completed the VWS and delivers a more detailed, hands-on problem solving simulation with implementation of live operational solutions.

Course Benefits:

  • Accelerates the realization of measurable, sustainable business results.

  • Creates a Problem Solving Culture, with common language and method.

  • Reinforces Pendaran learning from Virtual Workplace Simulation.

  • Develops organic coaching capability.

  • Internal coaches will be trained and certified by Pendaran.

  • This reduces the need for long term, onsite coaching.

Objectives / Deliverables:

Participants will develop skills to:

  • Write a clear and concise Problem Statement.

  • Identify the facts and data required to solve the problem and demonstrate a clear understanding of how to generate the data.

  • Solve real problems in their own work operation using a clear and structured problem solving process.

  • Develop action plans to implement the identified solutions, plus skills for developing any action plan rapidly.

Length of Course:

The course is executed as follows:

Workshops designed for, nominally, up to 4 project teams of 6 or 7 participants each.

Coach to student ratio: One to Two Pendaran Coach per project team.


Pendaran has defined a process for client leadership to identify high priority opportunities in the workplace. Using this process, leadership will identify focused project areas and assign participant teams, prior to attending the SPS Workshop. Preliminary supporting data should be generated in advance.

Day 1: Introduction to Structured Problem Solving with focus on structured problem solving, detailing solution structure and sustainment of solution structure.

Day 2: Tackle actual problems from the operation, as prioritized and assigned during the leadership Pre-Work Phase, working project teams through the Structured Problem Solving process. Pendaran coaches model the process for internal trainees. Internal development: Train one internal coach per SPS workshop to develop organic coaching capability.